Who We Are:

Singing Winds Farm is owned by Dick and Sharon Crane and operated in cooperation with Kevin Griepentrog. Dick and Sharon have been breeding Morgan horses since 1983 with the AMHA prefix of “Singing Winds” (more details are on the “History” page).

After an attempted brief period of retirement, Dick and Sharon started breeding Morgans again in 2014 along with Kevin. We have spent several years developing a breeding plan and are now offering quality Morgans for sale and stud service once again.

Our Goal:

It is our goal to perpetuate this first American breed of horse so that others can enjoy them as we have. We strive to better the breed with every crossing, considering beauty, conformation, Morgan type, disposition, and a well-balanced mind. Good breeding is an essential ingredient in our success.


Nutrition is important for a horse to fulfill its genetic potential. We feed high quality forage along with nutritional supplement to all our horses.


We monitor the general well-being and care for all our horses daily. Vaccines are given every spring to every horse, and wormers are given on a rotating schedule. Their hooves are professionally trimmed every 6 weeks.

Pregnant mares are looked after closely especially when nearing their foaling time. Newborn foals and their dams are closely monitored and given a safe comfortable environment to gain strength and bond with each other. Mares visiting for breeding are subject to certain health requirements as well to protect our stallions and entire herd.

We have several pastures, corrals, barns and shelters that we keep well-maintained with our horse’s wellbeing in mind. Our horse’s health and safety are always at the forefront when handling and caring for their needs.

Handling and Training:

Our foals are handled starting on day one. We spend much of their very first day with them, making sure they’re doing everything a newborn should be doing, and also so that they can get comfortable with us. We touch them everywhere, hold them, and just remain present. Then we sit back and delight when those efforts combine with their natural curiosity, and they come over to us for the first time for some attention. Yes, that’s still on day number one! It’s not long before we get them leading with just our arms around them or a halter.

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