Foaled: 1996

Color: Seal Brown


Dam: NODAWAY MARY AIRS "Belle" or "Boo Boo"

Height: 14.3H


Notes: Jasper is our most senior horse at the farm. He is the last foal ever produced by one of the first 2 Morgans Dick and Sharon purchased when they started breeding Morgans in southern Iowa. As such he represents to us the culmination of an endeavor to perpetuate and improve the breed. Jasper spent his youth at Dick and Sharon's daughter's farm and was the first horse purchased by now farm manager Kevin Griepentrog. Jasper is an able riding horse and now mentor to junior stallions. We have been pasturing the young colts with Jasper for several years now, and he has proven to be fantastic at teaching the young boys manners. We hope he will fulfill this role for many more years to come.